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Welcome to [info]vw_bustrip , the first and the largest community dedicated to the indie-turned-Oscar nominated film, Little Miss Sunshine. The film has effected many people since it's premiere at Sundance to it's nation-wide release. This community is a place for those people to talk about one of the best movies of 2006, and share with other people the love they have for the film.

1. Please no flaming or bashing other members. If someone posts something you don't like, just ignore it. There's no reason to flame the person just because you don't like what they like.
2. Links to trailors and clips are fine, but please do not post links to download the movie. That's illegal, and it won't be accepted here.
3. Everything is welcome here that is LMS-related: Discussion, fanwork, graphics, everything and anything. Make sure that whatever you post somehow related to LMS though... any news on the actors is fine, but make sure it somehow ties in with the movie.

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